Love and Thanksgiving

My brother, his wife, and son have been weighing heavily on my mind lately. (Birthdays) They are no longer with me. My brother passed first (2001), his son committed suicide the following year, and his wife lost her life a few years later to ovarian cancer. Tragic, yes. Even mind numbing, at times, all these years later. BUT the purpose of this post is to remind us how short life is.

When we wake up every morning and have our loved ones here with us still, we are beyond blessed.

When we choose to hold on to the past, and allow bitterness to seep in, and take root, we are only hurting ourselves, and missing out on so much more love and life with them.

I would give anything, yes, anything, to have my brother here with me now. To piss me off. To make me laugh. To make me cry. To tell me he loves me. To lie to me. To pick his nose without a care in the world. To ride in a vehicle with him, and scream and yell because we almost died every time…yes, he was that bad of a driver!! I’d take a playful hand upside the head today. A punch in the arm even. But what I would most want is to hear his voice, and give him a hug. I love that guy more than words can express…and miss him even more.

Life is short.

Let go.



It’s a choice!

Disclaimer: I struggle with this daily regarding my parents. Perhaps this is more for me, than any of you. The kettle is black. I own it. I can let it remain stagnant. Or I can refill it. It’s my choice!

I choose thankfulness, and love.

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