I’ve been wallowing in some hurt. Deep trenches of negativity, creating chaos in my head. Past parental failures, to current singledom. The more I feed it, the deeper it gets, therefore, the harder it is to climb out.

The view from inside the trench is pure dirt, and mud. Thoughts and fear. Patch after patch of dark, interwoven stitches, that I carefully quilted to cover up what I was feeling.

Some days I completed a bedspread, other days, I barely picked up the needle. The latter being a much better day.

This behavior is “not me”. Why couldn’t I get a handle on it? Why did I continue to quilt day after day, only to cover it up momentarily?

My hands were tired. My head a mess.

But in a quiet moment I heard the word forgiveness. You must forgive.

Wait! What!? Pardon me?

Forgiveness is hard! You want me to do what? For who?

And I heard, for yourself. Forgive The who, what, where…and then you will begin to feel better. Watch your life change. You will learn the why later.

So, I did.

It allowed my mind to reset, and my heart to feel fuller.

Forgiveness allowed me to rest.

I am not anxious to learn the why’s. I am happy and full knowing I’ve let it go. However, I am excited to share about forgiveness. Because as hard as it is, it is the lifeblood to moving forward in a healthy way in all relationships, and situations.

Forgive someone, or something, today. Give it to God and let it go.

Feel the freedom!

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