What makes one season more special than the other?

Spring flowers? Summertime at the beach? Foliage of fall? The blanket of snow on Christmas morning?

What about the season you’re in? Is it smooth sailing right now? Are all the right doors open, including the cash one?

Perhaps the waves are rippling, sometimes rolling in by the feet. Your boat may be sinking and you’re looking for the life raft. One that can weather the weight that you carry emotionally, with the ability to still the churning waters.

God is that life raft!

He can. He will. He does.

A moment of pain can be turned into joy just by asking.

A tear into a smile.

An angry heart into a forgiving heart.

A forgiving heart into a peaceful one.

A new heart to move forward with.

A renewed life.

If He can part the sea, and walk on water, whatever you ask can be done.

Ask. Listen. Obey. Thank Him.


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