The beach is my place of peace. I may do nothing but lay, and read a book. Perhaps just people watch. Or I’m searching for sparkling beach glass. I have a big jar filled!

The other day as I lay on the beach, with eyes closed, I was attuned to the waves. I was provided a vision that the sound may be what the brain of a manic person goes through.

One moment the waves are slamming ashore so loudly, it’s almost deafening. Then, just like that, a tiny whitecap flows over, followed by calm.

Then a boat speeds by, and it triggers that same response. Too loud to think straight, let alone speak anything that would make much sense to others.

A manic person speaks as if everything is grandiose. Even when you know something is bad or wrong. Life couldn’t be any better for them, yet, they are at their worst and don’t know it.

There are outbursts of anger.

They will manipulate until they get what they want. Be it money, or a ride somewhere.

The closer you are to them prior to this life changing event, the more apt you are to be their boat…their trigger.

Mental illness affects many people we know. Parents, your children, spouse, pastors, friends.

If you know someone who suffers in this way, please don’t give up.

Be there.

Ride the wave with them in a healthy way for you.

Find their moment of clarity, and that is precisely when help will be received by them.

It will not be easy to witness.

It may be the hardest battle you ever fight.

I guarantee it will be heartbreaking.

BUT, God created the seas, and walked on water!

He will surely get you, and your loved one, to shore safely.

Give Him the Glory, and watch the water turn to glass.

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