It’s been said, “Life is like a box of chocolates.”


You choose the ones you like, and get rid of the rest.

It’s sometimes difficult to discern exactly what you’re getting. You take a bite…it’s yucky, you throw it away.

Same with life.

We try to fill our box full of what we prefer. However, there comes a time when your eyes are wide open to all you thought was good, and plenty.

Those choices you made, turned out to be something you no longer enjoyed. Your palette is craving flavors with more substance. Depth. (dark chocolate comes to mind)

In this moment of clarity, you find your worth. You realize that pecan cluster, is just that, a cluster. Of your heart, and mind.

It’s never easy to decide, because who wants to remove one of their favorites from the box? But when you do, inspect it. Cut it in half. Is it stale? Is it no longer gooey, and oozing with goodness and satisfaction? If so, throw it away.

Now you’ve just made room in that box for something that will allow your heart to beat again.


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