Jesus died so we would not be held captive. So, why do we continue to hold ourselves under the wing of something or someone else?

For heavens sake (thanks mom!), your wings are wide. You will soar. They will carry you through anything put in front of you…if you just have a conversation with Him. That’s all prayer is. A conversation with our Father.

In times of heartache, reach out for Him.

In times of chaos, reach for Him.

When you just can’t see the light on the other side, know He is there. Reach out to Him.

When you are hurting, He is there waiting to listen, and speak to your heart.

Freedom is found when you ask for it.

I know my life has been similar to a roller coaster these last few years. I liken it to the Millennium Force at Cedar Point. When your up it’s exhilarating, and free feeling. But when you’re down, you feel as if you’ll keep falling…there’s no way it’s going up again.

That feeling, let’s call it stress, worry, anxiety, and helplessness, will wreak havoc on your insides. Including your mind. It will make you sick. Literally.


Again, I say pray.

The power of it is indescribable!

You are never truly free until you release it all to the man upstairs.

Let me share a bit: I had a fire the week of Christmas 2015. My knee locked up for 6 days before surgery was done, 2016. (Not so much a tragedy. I’m still walking, thank God!) I grieved the death of someone living. Someone so very close to me. It seemed like each year there was something bigger trying to take me down.

However, I truly believe had I not gone through all of this, I would not have learned to lean on God more.

It’s in those moments of total loss, that we are at our lowest, and seeking something or someone to take it all away.

I chose God.

He was my rock. He IS my rock.

Nobody can fill His shoes when you need comfort. Nobody can speak to you the way He does in times of need.

Now, a new path has been placed in front of me. One I saw coming, but chose to ignore. But here I am…leaning on the One that will pull me through…knowing He will provide the grace, wisdom, love, and comfort I need to reach the end. And when I’m finally there, I will see with my heart, the why.

Optimism doesn’t come from seeing with our eyes. It comes from believing in, and leaning on the power God provides to us, and through us.

Maybe you will open your heart to Him, as well, and feel the freedom that I do.

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