Stitched up

Great visuals, and guaranteed to produce a chuckle!

Overcoming Obstacles

I love wearing jeans. Always.

So, I have a pair of jeans (that’s so weird, a “pair” of jeans), that were so worn that they ripped in the knee. What a sad day that was. They (since they’re a pair, I suppose they’re a they), were my favorite jeans.

I still wore them, of course, because I’m 43 and I have a new outlook on life – it’s called “who cares what I look like!”

One day, I decided to take them back to where they came from. I asked their creators if they could fix them.

After an extensive assessment and, I assume, careful consideration, I was informed that the rip was repairable, but it wouldn’t be pretty. I accepted this. I wasn’t ready to let go.

I received the call a week later.  They were ready.  The moment had arrived.  We would meet again.

I was so nervous!…

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